Ace Hotel, UO, Dan Deacon.  So. Much. Hipster.


Levi’s and Urban Outfitters present shorts from the Bicycle Film Festival, as curated by festival founder and director, Brendt Barbur, this Sunday at Ace Hotel New York. After being hit by a bus while riding his bike in NYC, Brendt felt compelled to start the festival as a platform to celebrate bicycles through music, art and film. He’ll be at the screening and staying after for a Q&A.

The screening is part of a whole weekend celebrating the saddle and wheel at Ace New York, and a larger cross-country tour with Levi’s beginning at Ace NYC and ending at Ace Portland, including a mobile, pop-up bike shop where you can tune up your bike with the best of them — the shop appears at Ace NYC this weekend on Friday and Sunday.

While you’re here, check out our gallery show with New York-based artist Michael Kim, Bicycles, up today through August 9, presented by Levi’s. For several years, Michael has collected photographs of bicycles from daily newspapers around the world being put to use for work and play by everybody under the sun. The images remind us that bicycles are inextricably part of our daily lives — pulled out of context, they’re highlighted as almost extra appendages in the machinations of our lives, and as a symbol of commonality among all people.

As part of the project, we’re happy to announce that Ace NYC and Ace PDX will be receiving four custom, hand-built bikes by Thomas Callahan of Brooklyn’s Horse Cycles and Jordan Hufnagel of Portland’s Hufnagel Cycles, respectively. These fine steeds are being crafted exclusively for Ace and will be available for guests to use. Stay tuned for more.

All images collected in Michael Kim’s Bicycles exhibition in our gallery.

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